Monday, April 13, 2015


I don't normally follow TV much. I don't like the commitment that comes into watching a whole series, having to remember when it comes on, getting "behind." Look, there's already enough I'm behind on.

My husband, on the other hand, is my pop culture guru. He keeps up with it all. And it pleases him when I join him for TV. So, when a new Marvel show was coming on, I joined him for the first episode.

I found it pleasant enough, not compulsory watching but not bad. But then I found myself thinking about it more, and then watching it while I was doing another task. Now I'm already on episode 6. I've decided Daredevil is totally addictive.

My favorite episode was the third, which had a beautiful parallel structure: 3 people faced with a moral dilemma. Those dilemma aren't easily resolved. There aren't pat answers offered by this series. In ep 6, Matthew/Daredevil has yet to define his moral limits, which is damaging his relationship with Claire. I'm hoping he doesn't pull the Byronic-hero bullshit, I must always be alone, I'm toxic to others, etc. The greatest challenge we all face is to connect with another human being, and no one can be a hero who doesn't do that.